If you have Radiology equipment in your facility eg. Hospital or Radiology practice, you will know that Accreditation in Radiology is a very labour intensive process. It requires Daily, Quarterly, Annualy and Every four years maintenance in terms of:

  • Equipment Licensing 

  • Radiation Safety Plans 

  • Employee Training and Registration 

  • Service Contract maintenance 

  • Incident reporting 

  • Dose reference Level reporting 

  • Dosimetry reporting  

  • And the list goes on.........

 Have you ever calculated how much your Accreditation is costing your business?

Following interviews with our customers we have created modelling which reflects the actual costs of Accreditation in terms of both money and hours. What does this mean to lost productivity, and ultimately loss of potential income? 

By selecting the Cost Benefit Calculator , you will get a good idea of the cost of Accreditation to your business. It will also demonstrate how MyRSO could potentially generate significant additional income to your business. Once you have had a chance to use the Calculator, feel free to reach out and discuss how we could more accurately reflect your business savings and potential additional income. 

Calculations are based on an employee or Radiographer package of $115,000 PA

Contact us to use your actual figures in in order to accurately reflect how much your business could save each month.