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Specialist compliance software designed for the healthcare sector by Healthcare Professionals 

Dosel is a specialist software company founded by Medical Physicist and Imaging Technologist, Vivien Munoz-Ferrada.  


Vivien has decades of experience in radiation protection, regulation and compliance. A consultant to government and large organisations, guest lecturer in post-graduate university studies and executive leader, she has intimate knowledge of the sector and the challenges of working within it. 


Dosel was founded after Vivien saw the difficulty healthcare organisations were having in adapting to changing regulations and the lack of guidance available. The MyRSO platform was developed to help navigate the complexities around managing information and help organisations maintain compliance, with MyQMO introduced later to help organisations manage accreditation.  


Dosel Australia was incorporated in 2015 and with a leadership team of specialists in healthcare, IT, law and business. Along with a team of software developers and quality managers with extensive experience in the medical field, Dosel now supports over X clients across the healthcare sector.  

Dosel provides a software platform and infrastructure to help manage your radiation license obligations as well as meet the accreditation standards across the healthcare sector.  

Not sure where to begin? 

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We have 2 main umbrella product categories - MyRSO and MyQMO. If you require regulatory assistance with anything to do with Radiology including Ultrasound and Laser equipment in health provision for Hospitals, Radiology, Veterinary or Dentistry, simply select MyRSO and we will guide you to your relevant product. For other Regulatory requirements such as NSQHS for Hospitals, Aged Care or NDIS, then MyQMO is the selection of choice, and you will be directed to the specific product for you. 


For our Radiology based clients, we will develop your Radiation Safety, Management or Accreditation plan with you by taking care of the entire process. During implementation, we help collect the relevant data and ensure that your State Government information and Medicare information match what you actually have on site. Training is then provided for your employees to start making either MyRSO or MyQMO a part of their daily activity.  


We help healthcare organisations in Radiology, Veterinary, Aged Care facilities, Hospitals, Dental practices and NDIS Providers manage their specific regulatory requirements and make sure they all meet their accreditation standards with ease.


Whether its diagnostic imaging DIAS accreditation, National Safety & Quality Healthcare (NSQHS) Accreditation, Aged care or any other Healthcare related accreditation standard Dosel has a solution. Our solutions help you manage end-to-end processes within the one system so you can find the information you need within minutes - and stay on top of your regulatory and accreditation requirements.

MyRSO - Radiation Safety Officer

Offering comprehensive regulatory and compliance solutions including the more complex area of Radiation compliance and accreditation.

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MyQMO - Quality Management Officer

Offering comprehensive accreditation solutions for all  Healthcare providers requiring NSQHS or non radiology accreditation. For NDIS, Aged Care, Hospitals or Day Clinics

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