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MyRSO - Radiation Safety Officer

MyRSO - Dental

In Dentistry, the legal requirements for X-rays and Lasers continues to grow. 

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Good Quality Management goes hand in hand with meeting the NSQHS dental accreditation requirements.

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Flexible enough so that you select the modules relevant to meet your specific requirements.

Radiation Safety Officer
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The MyRSO - Dental platform becomes your Radiation Safety Officer and Quality Manager in one easy to use and interactive Web based platform. 

All Accreditation Standards

MyRSO links to the NSQHS Dental Accreditation standards closing the loop between accreditation and radiation compliance.

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Customised to suit all dental GP and specialist practices, MyRSO – Dental will take care of your day to day accreditation, compliance and regulatory needs. 

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Specialist Services

Receive access to our specialist medical physicists to assist in any future Radiation and Radiology requirements 



X-Ray Compliance

Ensuring your X-Ray equipment is always compliant including Service records, Licensing and all aspects relating to Accreditation 

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Employee Management

Automatically ensure all employees are up to date with required training and registration 

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Inventory Management

Capture all practices equipment in the Asset Register. Keep track of where items are, and manage their depreciation

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Powerful Reporting

You will receive comprehensive monthly reports showing any relevant outstanding tasks, training, maintenance etc. All relating to keeping you on top of your Accreditation requirements.

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Whether its Radiation Planning, Safety or HR training, your staff will automatically be reminded of impending training. They need never be behind in required training for Accreditation

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Access to our Specialist Team

Acting as your Radiation Safety Officer, you will have access to specialists in the field to take care of complex issues arising from any Radiation issues you may encounter 

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