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MyQMO - Quality Management Officer

MyQMO - Hospital

MyQMO- My Quality Management Officer – Hospital is an all in one automated Quality Management Platform. 

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MyQMO – Hospital allows you to meet the requirements of the NSQHS Accreditation while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Save On Costs
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You will experience cost reductions and most importantly give back time allowing your staff to focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

Technical Support
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Included as part of the package, is support and advice from our experienced hospital auditors.

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We will assist you in selecting the relevant specialised modules that MyQMO - Hospital provide to ensure that you meet the NSQHS Accreditation requirements

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MyQMO - Hospital offers clinical governance and visibility to both the large hospitals groups with multiple site locations or small hospital, clinic or day surgery locations 

All Accreditation 
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Hospitals requiring DIAS Accreditation can also be accommodated with our MyRSO suite of products 


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Quality Control Tasks

Users are prompted to carry out relevant tasks when required, and confirmation of completed tasks are recorded by tracking and monitoring them

Risk & Incident Register

Not only document and report all incidents, but you can track the closeout and escalate as required 

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Employee Management

Automatically ensure all employees are up to date with required training and registration

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Ensure audit readiness at all times, with internal audit schedules against each core and sub core NSDQHS standard

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Up to date education video modules in anything from mandatory training such as CPR and Cultural Training or individual NSQHS modules with staff alerted when their training requires updating.

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Powerful Reporting

You will receive comprehensive monthly reports showing any relevant outstanding tasks, training, maintenance etc. All relating to keeping you on top of your Accreditation requirements.

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