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MyRSO - Radiation Safety Officer

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MyRSO - Your Personal Radiation Safety Officer

Dosel's MyRSO is an interactive web based platform with 5 levels of Governance automating your Radiation Regulatory Compliance requirements with an automated Quality Management system specifically designed to meet the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Standards (DIAS).


Minimise your risk from loss of data due to Staff turnover or Breaching your regulatory obligations and Reduce Costs. 

Health Economist Evaluate estimated savings of up to 33% with the use of MyRSO. Staff do not need to be an expert in radiation legislation with MyRSO, the platform is logical, simple and user friendly with the regulatory legislation embedded to help you meet your legal obligations and navigate the Radiation Act and Regulations. 


Color coded modules allow you to ADD or MANAGE your Radiation inventory requirements and Employee obligations such as training, registration and licensing which all connect back to the DIAS Accreditation module. An automated Dose Reference Level Reporting module for CT, Interventional Radiology and Dose Calibrators and a Personal Dosimetry module that allows you to notify your staff of their individual dose report with the click of your mouse. 

Awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant by AusIndustry in 2019 and a NSW Export Grant in 2020, MyRSO is a closed loop solution based on 3 decades of experience in radiation protection, regulation and compliance and is used by major public and private hospitals, radiology, dental and veterinary clinics throughout Australia and Canada.


MyRSO Products

Brain Scans

MyRSO - Radiology


Specific to Radiology Clinics and Hospitals that provide Radiology services . MyRSO enables you to fulfil your obligations in Radiation Safety and comply with the duties outlined in your radiation management plan and the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Standards.

Backed up by Dosel's medical physics and regulatory advice support, MyRSO can be a comprehensive and flexible solution to what can be a complex area to navigate.


MyRSO - Dental


The legal requirements for X-rays and Lasers in dentistry continues to grow as does the introduction of quality management to meet the NSQHS dental accreditation 
The MyRSO - Dental platform becomes your Radiation Safety Officer and Quality Manager in one 
Customised to suit all dental general practice and specialist practices, MyRSO – Dental will take care of your day to day accreditation, compliance and regulatory needs. 

Puppy at the Vet

MyRSO - Vet


The use of x-ray, ultrasound and laser apparatus in veterinary practices is a small but vital component of veterinary medicine however the legal obligations are just the same for vets as they are for medical facilities. MyRSO - Vet will not only release you of the burden associated with the ownership of imaging equipment, but a whole host of additional administrative tasks can be taken care of such as staff training, radiation licensing and personal dosimetry. 

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