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Radiation Consulting Services

What We Offer

Dosel specialises in providing regulatory and medical physics advice to owners of radiation apparatus and radioactive materials to assist them to understand and meet their regulatory obligations, minimise risk and maintain safety and compliance.

We combine practical and cost effective solutions to maintain compliance with your regulatory obligations.

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Management / Possession licensees and Radiation Users have legal obligations to comply with the conditions of their license and the appropriate Code of Practice. Dosel removes the administrative burdon, provides technical advice and our interactive radiation compliance platform MyRSO will help you keep on top of your Radiation regulatory requirements.​

Radiation Management Plans
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Dosel can develop your Radiation or Laser Safety Protection and Management plans for all X-ray modalities as well as Nuclear Medicine or Radioactive Materials. Employees can access our animated Radiation or Laser Plan review so that they understand their responsibilities when working with Radiation, Lasers or Radioactive Materials at your workplace.

Radiation Safety & Laser Safety Training

Dosel’s MyRSO platform provides animated training for you and your staff. No more boring power point presentations that contain too much physics which you don’t understand. Our training videos simplify the complexity of Radiation safety and protection.

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Shielding Design Reports & Certification for X-ray & Lasers

Dosel can design and certify your Laser, Radiology, Dental, Nuclear Medicine (PET or SPECT) or Radiotherapy facility minimising cost whilst still maintaining maximum protection to staff and members of the public in adjoining areas.

Clients include LendLease, John Holland, Healthscope, Calvary Healthcare, Johnstaff, Health Infrastructure NSW Health

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Incident Reporting & Dose calculations for

Dose calculations and reporting of inadvertent imaging of incorrect Anatomy or Pregnant patients, Accidental staff exposures, Misadministration of Radioactive Isotopes, High Dose notifications from complex interventional procedures

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Compliance Testing

Our experienced compliance testers are accredited in all Australian States for Equipment and Premises testing of all modalities:

Diagnostic X-ray

Nuclear Medicine & PET


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